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Cardinal Cinema

Cardinal Cinema

Cardinal Spirit Challenge

The Spirit Challenge website has moved to

Catholic University Research Day

Catholic University Research Day is an opportunity for the University community to learn about and celebrate the exciting scholarship being done by our faculty and students.

Club Sports

Club sports offer a great opportunity to compete on behalf of the University!

DC Reads

DC Reads is a local tutoring program in which CUA students assist elementary and middle school aged children at high-needs schools or local community centers.

Encounter the Spirit

Encounter the Spirit is a charismatic praise and worship group that gathers together to give glory and honor to the Lord in thanksgiving for all He is doing in our lives.

Freshman Retreat

New to campus? Want to make new friends? Not sure what to do with your first weekends at college? Join 350 of your peers on Freshman Retreat. Come with Campus Ministry for a weekend full of talks and fellowship, prayer and games.

Intramural Sports

CUA's intramural program provides an opportunity for all students to enjoy satisfying experiences, which may vary from highly competitive to recreational, according to your particular interest.

Leadership (Leadership@CUA)

Leadership@CUA encourages students to identify their leadership styles and skills while learning how to use them effectively. Our programming and initiatives integrate the concepts of service and civic responsibility into leadership development.

Major Mentor Program (M&M)

The Major Mentor Program is designed to welcome and engage first-year students in the School of Business and Economics in order to provide them with the best student life experience.

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