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Sailing Team

The purpose of this club is to train athletes with varying sailing experience to race competitively, be part of a dedicated team and learn to love the sport of sailing.

Saudi Student Association (SSA)

The SSA is here to serve the Saudi students attending CUA throughout their college career. We are an organization that represents the Saudi/Arab culture via events that situate ourselves in the CUA community. Anyone is welcomed to join.

School of Architecture and Planning (CUArch)

The School of Architecture and Planning is dedicated to the professional education of architects and planners and others who will design, build and conserve the built environment.

School of Arts and Sciences

We are the largest school in the university, spanning the disciplines from arts and humanities, to social sciences, to mathematics and natural sciences, and we include professional programs such as Education and Library and Information Science.

School of Business and Economics

The Catholic University of America provides business and economics students with sound theoretical and practical foundations, a global vision, and a strong work ethic.

School of Canon Law

The School of Canon Law is an ecclesiastical faculty preparing students for licentiate and doctorate degrees authorized by the Apostolic See.

School of Engineering

The fulfillment of engineering is creative design, particularly as it relates to the solution of problems of national or social interest.

School of Nursing

The School of Nursing, located in Washington, D.C., is dedicated to the professional education of both undergraduate and graduate nurses.

School of Philosophy

Our community of students and scholars works together to study issues confronting both the major philosophical disciplines and the major figures in the history of philosophy.

School of Theology and Religious Studies (TRS)

The School of Theology and Religious Studies sets itself two goals, namely, to promote excellence in teaching, research, and publication in the area of theology and religious studies.

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