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Centennial Village (CV)

Centennial Village is made up of seven residential houses surrounding a common grassy area called Conte Circle.

Central Neighborhood

Central Neighborhood is an incredibly unique and exciting community made up of three buildings: Gibbons Hall, Caldwell Hall, and Seton Wing. Located in the heart of CUA’s campus, Central Neighborhood houses approximately 250 upper-class students.

North Neighborhood 1 (NN1)

North Neighborhood One (NN1) offers the widest variety of independent living options to junior and senior residents on campus.

North Neighborhood 2 (NN2)

Welcome to North Neighborhood Two on The Nest. Here you will find news, event information, and photos from the happenings in our community.

Opus Hall

Welcome to Opus Hall on The Nest! Opus is a vibrant community of 400 upper-class students residing within Opus North and Opus South Wings.