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CUA Pathways is a program supported by Leadership@CUA and the Office of Campus Activities in order to foster intentional, meaningful connections between faculty and students of The Catholic University of America.

Peer Academic Skills Support (PASS) Mentors

The Undergraduate Fellows are student advisers dedicated to serving first year students as they orient themselves to life here at CUA. Undergraduate Fellows advise freshmen students academically and also help them learn the ins-and-outs of CUA.

PEERS (Peer Educators Empowering Respectful Students)

Peer Educators Empowering Respectful Students

Pontifical John Paul II Institute

The Pontifical John Paul II Institute is devoted to the study of this truth about the human person in all of its dimensions: theological, philosophical, anthropological, and indeed cosmological-scientific.

Program Board (PB)

CUA Program Board is a student-run organization that plans major events on campus for the undergraduate student body including concerts, speakers, comedians, movies, local talent, and traditional events such as Capital Fest, Mr. CUA, and Mistletoe Ball!

ProGro (Progressive Growth)

ProGro is a non-partisan, independent, politically progressive student organization committed to promote solutions towards economic, political and social justice by fundraising for human rights groups and inviting speakers or groups to discuss issues.

Psychology Club

An academic club focused on the field of psychology, open to everyone!

Public Safety (DPS)

We are a campus police department oriented towards service, protection and education of the CUA community. We believe that a well informed community is an effective force in the control and prevention of crime.