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Arabic Club at the Catholic University of America (Arabic Club)

This club is for students both Arab and non-Arab regardless of religion to be able to grow and learn about their interest in the Middle East and Arab World.

Black Student Alliance (BSA)

The vision of the Black Student Alliance is to promote a sound foundation among all individuals whom are focused on the “African American” culture at The Catholic University of America.

Catholic University of America, Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA-CUA)

CUA-CSSA is equally responsible for helping away-from-home Chinese in their life, study, work and for serving as a bridge between the Chinese and other communities. It aims to introduce Chinese culture and language to the CUA community.

Chinese Club

The Chinese Club is dedicated to expanding the perspectives of the CUA student body with respect to Chinese culture and language. Throughout the year, this organization will host a variety of events that explore the rich, multifaceted culture of China.

CUA Gaels (The Gaels)

The CUA Gaels are devoted to the celebration of Irish culture, history, and language. We organize events that will allow CUA students to easily participate in and enjoy Irish heritage.

CUA Student Organization of Latinos (CUA SOL)

CUA SOL strives to respond to the social, political, cultural, and educational needs of the Latino Community and to promote and publicize these needs to CUA at large.

Filipino Organization of Catholic University Students (FOCUS)

The Filipino Organization of Catholic University Students (F.O.C.U.S.) strives to celebrate and promote awareness of the Filipino and Filipino-American culture on The Catholic University of America campus.

French and Francophone Club (French Club)

French Club promotes the culture and language of France and French-speaking countries. We encourage tasting French and Francophone cuisine! And so we host Francophone dessert events. We even travel to museums with French-speaking tour guides!

German Club

The CUA German Club aims to foster global awareness, language skills, and knowledge of German, Austrian, and Swiss culture through conversation tables, films, and participation in a variety of cultural events on and off campus.

Italian Club

The Italian Club is dedicated to exploring and learning about all aspects of the Italian Culture including language, food, cinema, and history.

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