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German Club

The CUA German Club aims to foster global awareness, language skills, and knowledge of German, Austrian, and Swiss culture through conversation tables, films, and participation in a variety of cultural events on and off campus.

Gibbons 1 Renew Group

Gibbons 1 Renew Group

Gibbons 2 Renew Group

Gibbons 2 Renew Group

Graduate Student Association (GSA)

GSA is a student-run, student-funded organization dedicated to the academic, cultural, and professional enrichment of graduate students at CUA

Graduate Studies

The Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies works collaboratively with faculty and administrators from CUA's twelve schools to enhance the academic quality of graduate programs, and provides leadership and support to the University

Gratia Plena (GP)

Gratia Plena is CUA's Catholic women's group that explores feminine dignity. In striving to open ourselves to the Lord and become "full of grace," we devote ourselves to faith, formation, and service while strengthening the bonds of authentic sisterhood.