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DC Reads

DC Reads is a local tutoring program in which CUA students assist elementary and middle school aged children at high-needs schools or local community centers.

Department of Anthropology

The Anthropology Department at CUA offers undergraduate majors and minors, and an M.A. program.

Department of Art

The Department of Art at The Catholic University of America offers two baccalaureate courses of study: one leading to a B.A. in Art History, another leading to a B.A. in Studio Art.

Department of Biology

Welcome to the Department of Biology at the Catholic University of America.

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry offers several programs that lead to the B.A. or B.S. degree.

Department of Drama (CUAdrama)

The department offers Undergraduate and Graduate programs designed on the premise that theatre is a fundamental cultural necessity which is enriched by and enriches the community in which it is located.

Department of Education

Since its founding in 1908, the School of Education, and currently the Department of Education, sees it mission to contribute to the local, regional, and national educational environment.

Department of English

The CUA English department is dedicated to the study of literature: learning its history and searching its aesthetic depths. Our faculty publish in fields ranging from Anglo-Saxon visual culture to Victorian fiction to contemporary American poetry.

Department of Greek and Latin

Our community of students and scholars works together to study over two thousand years of ancient and medieval history, literature, archaeology, and art.

Department of History

The history department is a long-standing, vital and integral part of Catholic University.

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