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Catholic University Intelligence Club (CUIC)

The purpose of the Catholic University Intelligence Club is to promote the intelligence profession and educational opportunities to prepare students for future interests in intelligence.

Catholic University of America, Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA-CUA)

CUA-CSSA is equally responsible for helping away-from-home Chinese in their life, study, work and for serving as a bridge between the Chinese and other communities. It aims to introduce Chinese culture and language to the CUA community.

Catholic University Research Day

Catholic University Research Day is an opportunity for the University community to learn about and celebrate the exciting scholarship being done by our faculty and students.

Centennial Village (CV)

Centennial Village is made up of seven residential houses surrounding a common grassy area called Conte Circle.

Center for Academic Success (CAS)

The Center for Academic Success is your go-to resource center here at CUA.

Center for Cultural Engagement (CCE)

The Center for Cultural Engagement (CCE) reflects The Catholic University of America’s commitment to a campus and a world that values every human being, and supports and celebrates their uniqueness, experiences, and contributions.

Center for Global Education (CGE)

The Center for Global Education (CGE) at the Catholic University of America (CUA) fosters a sense of international community that builds on the university's strong intellectual and Catholic mission.

Center for the Study of Culture and Values (CSCV)

Welcome to the Center for the Study of Culture and Values (CSCV)

Center for the Study of Early Christianity

The Catholic University of America has, since its foundation, maintained a unique commitment to the study of the early Christian era.

CenterStage Theatre Company (CenterStage)

CenterStage Theatre Company is the student-run theatre organization on CUA's campus. We are from students, by students, and for students!