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Tuesday, March 28 2017, 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

We invite you to discuss President Donald Trump's Refugee Ban, or is it Refugee Pause? Or Muslim Ban? Or Vetting System? All of these labels have been widely used to describe the Trump administration's executive order imposing travel visa restrictions. So what is really happening, and what does it mean?

Robert Destro, a professor at the Columbus School of Law and an expert on religious freedom, discrimination, and constitutional law will explain the executive order's precedents, provisions, implications, legal challenges, and ongoing developments.

Mattia Ferraresi, a U.S. correspondent for the Italian newspaper Il Foglio, will bring an outsider's perspective on American politics and an insider's perspective on the craft of journalism to help us understand a more fundamental question: How can we cut through the fog to gain a true window into events in the current climate rife with accusations of "lies," "fake news," and "media hysteria"?

Alexi-Noelle O’Brien-Hosein, a television news producer for TRT World, will moderate the discussion.

Slowinski Moot Courtroom, Columbus School of Law

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Academic, Special Events