Big Belly Solar Waste Compactors at The Catholic University of America

The Catholic University of America installed 6 BigBelly Solar Compactors over Labor Day weekend.

Facilities Operations explored many alternative platforms for the exterior waste and recycle stations around campus for some time. Our goal was to find stations that would be easy to service, create less litter, reduce labor and promote recycling. The Bigbelly Solar compacting receptacles fulfilled these requirements and are expected to provide additional cost savings and environmental benefits. The compacting trash and recycle receptacles are self-powered, harnessing the sun’s rays for 100% of their energy needs. The units take up about the same space as traditional trash bins, but have five times the capacity for trash and recycle. Facilities Administration & Services receives an email notification when the Bigbelly receptacles are full, eliminating the need for staff to check containers when they’re not full, therefore reducing fuel use and associated greenhouse gas emissions. 

In another effort to increase recycling on campus, Facilities Operations has given the exterior trash containers across campus a facelift. Exterior containers are have been relocated so that each station has one recycle and one trash container and clearly marked with landfill (trash) and recycle lids. Recycling on campus is easier than ever! Remember to keep recycling simple with these pointers:

• Paper- If you can rip it, you can recycle it!
• Cardboard- Yes!
• Water bottles- #1-5 & #7, Yes!
• Metal- All ok!
• Glass- All ok!

As always, No liquid or food waste!


Posted by Miriam Lippin on September 22, 2015