Give-and-Go Drive for Move-out 2015

Donate clothing, bedding, school supplies, and food items at donation centers set up in every residence hall.

We are making an effort to send as little as possible to the landfill and give back to our local community during this years move-out. There will be donation centers in every residence hall. The following items are acceptable to donate: 

  • Clean clothing, bedding, shoes and belts: Place items in blue bags given out before May 8 and place in large cardboard box marked clothing.

  • Food: All non-perishable food is gladly excepted. Please place in box marked food.

  • Clean microwaves, mini-fridges, framed mirrors and clean shower caddies: Please place in designated area.

  • School Supplies: A box will be available for all school supplies in donation area. 

Posted by James Pollock on April 28, 2015