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The Office of Campus Activities serves as a student-centered resource to the campus community. Social, cultural, recreational, intellectual and other developmental opportunities are offered through student leadership programs, student organization advisement, and integrated and intentionally-focused campus programs. A staff composed of professionals and students work collaboratively to promote and enhance student life and leadership experiences on campus.


Campus Activities contributes to the enhancement of campus life by serving students through its diverse services and programs, as well as assisting students in integrating classroom and co-curricular experiences while attending the University. Programs directed toward student leadership development, multicultural awareness and education spearhead the intentional program initiatives of the department. Campus Activities staff  work closely with student organizations and their advisers, the Student Association General Assembly, the Student Fee Allocation Board, Program Board, the Graduate Student Association and other groups to facilitate a comprehensive program of social, cultural, recreational, intellectual, spiritual, governance and community service activities for the campus community and targeted audiences.  For more information, visit http://activities.cua.edu

Program Highlights
  • Fall Fiesta/Student Involvement Fair
  • Capture the Cardinal
  • CUA Nite Live
  • DC Nite Out
  • Family Weekend
  • Lunchtime Performance Series
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Light the Season
  • Constitution Week

The Cardinal Leadership Discovery

The Cardinal Leadership Discovery consists of several distinct student leadership development initiatives, each of which strives to develop a student’s mind, body, heart and spirit through interactive workshops, opportunities to serve, incentive programs, and relationship building. Each initiative of the Cardinal Leadership Discovery guides students toward a healthy life balance, respect and value for differences among ideas and people, the importance of life-long learning in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, and values-oriented contributions to society.

Through the Cardinal Leadership Discovery, participants will discover that we are all called to lead. To answer that call, one should commit to serving others and engage in a life time of discovering one's self through the pursuit of knowledge, development of skills, and continual reflection to ensure that one's thoughts, words, and deeds are aligned with ethical values.

Initiatives of the Cardinal Leadership Discovery
  • The Emerging Leaders Program is an opportunity offered every semester for any undergraduate CUA student to develop leadership skills, build relationships across campus, and get engaged in the CUA and DC community. Participants are paired with a student mentor and participate in a networking reception with faculty, staff, and student leaders. http://leadership.cua.edu/elp
  • The Student Leadership Conference is a day long event for the entire CUA community which includes a keynote speaker and a variety of break-out sessions that will provide knowledge and skills for success in campus endeavors. http://leadership.cua.edu/conference
  • The C.A.R.D.S. Challenge is designed to encourage all students to actively engage in the development of their mind, body, heart, and spirit through participation in campus events and opportunities. Students who attend at least 2 campus events in each CARDS category will see this reflected on their co-curricular transcript and will be put in a raffle for various prizes to be given at the Late Night Breakfast each semester. http://leadership.cua.edu/cards
  • The Cardinal Leadership Discovery Blog provides a variety of resources for all student leaders at CUA. Discover opportunities for yourself and those you serve to learn, develop, and grow by reading posts on leadership concepts and tips for applying them as a CUA student leader. http://cua.campusgroups.com/cld/
  • Servant Leadership Discussions is a series designed for small groups of engaged student leaders to explore various concepts of servant leadership and learn ways to apply these ideas in your academics, student organizations, social life, and career. Utilizing research of prominent authors in servant leadership theory and examples of servant leadership put into action by a variety of role models, including Jesus Christ, participants will discover and discuss a new leadership concept each week. http://leadership.cua.edu/servantleaders

Student Organizations

Approximately 80 student clubs and organizations are registered through Campus Activities. The categories of organizations include academic & professional, advocacy & service, athletic, culture, faith, media, the arts, and political. A student organization must register with Campus Activities to be recognized and function on campus. Student organization offices are located on the first floor of the Pryzbyla Center. All student organizations have mailboxes in the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC), Pryzbyla 125. To learn more about the SORC and various clubs and organizations, visit http://sorc.cua.edu.

Student Association (undergraduate student government)

General Assembly:

The Student Association General Assembly (SAGA) consists of a body of 28 students from the undergraduate population, led by an internally elected Speaker, and strives to be the voice of the students, clubs, and campus organizations to the University administration. In conjunction with the Student Fee Allocation Board (SFAB) and the Program Board, SAGA and the entire Student Association strives to be the student government the students want!

For additional information on SAGA, please visit http://saga.cua.edu .

Student Fee Allocation Board (SFAB):

SFAB manages the financial side of the Student Association. It is the body responsible for the allocation of Student Activity Fee funds to student clubs and organizations. The board consists of a student director and eight associate members. For more information, visit http://sfab.cua.edu.

Program Board:

The purpose of Program Board is to plan and organize diverse events for all undergraduate students. These events are coordinated to entertain students and provide them with events that range from music entertainment to Movies on the Mall. Program Board consists of an executive board of twelve members and additional members that work together to ensure the success of each event. Program Board sponsors different types of events including Campus Community, Entertainment, Cultural Awareness, Cardinal Spirit, as well as programs for each undergraduate class.

The Program Board office is located in 125 Pryzbyla Center. For additional information, please visithttp://programboard.cua.edu.

Multicultural Education and Awareness

In the spirit of celebrating the diversity that exists at CUA, the Office of Campus Activities routinely partners with student organizations and other University departments to offer programs dedicated to exploring culture. Throughout the year activities and events highlight cultural celebrations and traditions from around the world. A team of professional staff and students creates programs that are intended to expose the University community to the richness of diversity found at CUA and in DC. Look for the explore|CULTURE logo!

For more information, check out http://multicultural.cua.edu/

Highlighted Cultural Initiatives
  • Cultural Connections Newsletter
  • CUA Culture Webpages
  • Culture Picnic
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations
  • Thanksgiving Potluck
  • Black History Month Celebrations
  • CUnited
  • Women’s History Month Celebrations
  • International Week Celebrations  
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